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PLUTA’s local branch office is right in the centre of Paderborn, in the city’s well-known, historical building complex known as “Abdinghof”. Here, the attorneys and restructuring experts focus on turning around enterprises, insolvency administration and legal advice. Thanks to their legal and business expertise, PLUTA specialists have in the past turned around such enterprises as the MAG Metz Group, a car dealer with more than 1,200 employees. Moreover, a PLUTA expert acted as the insolvency monitor for the Wellemöbel Group, a leading furniture manufacturer with a staff of more than 900 employees, while it went through a restructuring process as part of debtor-in-possession proceedings.

The city of Paderborn is situated in East Westphalia-Lippe and was named after Germany’s shortest river – the four-kilometre-long River Pader. The city has a population of 145,000 inhabitants and has a strong food industry and car parts industry. Paderborn has also established itself as an innovative location in the IT segment and has the highest concentration of IT companies, around 300 in total, in North Rhine-Westphalia. This is largely thanks to Heinz Nixdorf, the computer pioneer whose name is closely associated with the city. Companies in and around Paderborn benefit from the universities located in the city and from the practical and efficient collaboration between training, science and the business world.

From a geographical point of view, Paderborn is situated in the middle of the triangle created by the three cities of Dortmund, Hanover and Kassel and has excellent transport links. Thanks to good links to motorways and trunk roads, it only takes a little time to reach the three cities (the A44 motorway west bound to Dortmund, the A44 motorway southeast bound to Kassel and the A2 motorway to Hanover). The region also has good connections with cities further away via domestic flights from Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport.

Neuhaus Palace gives Paderborn a certain historical flair. The palace used to serve as a stately residence for the former prince bishops and today is used for cultural and ceremonial events. The adjoining Palace Park is much more than just a green space. It has become a leisure park and recreational facility for nature and art lovers with historical buildings and museums as a backdrop.

Team Paderborn

Stefan Meyer PLUTA

Stefan Meyer
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenzrecht


Frank Schorisch
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenzrecht

Dr. Ria Brüninghoff PLUTA

Dr. Ria Brüninghoff

Christoph Chrobok PLUTA

Christoph Chrobok

Martin Klee PLUTA

Martin Klee
Diplomkaufmann, Steuerberater


Thorsten Meier