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The Best Results for the Creditors in Germany

Your business partner is insolvent? Then you need comprehensive information, so take prompt action in good time. Be sure to provide all the documents required for filing your claims. This will avoid unnecessary queries and delays. The documents required include contracts, delivery notes, invoices, proof of costs incurred or interest charged. In this way, you will secure your claims optimally – and our claim is that we will achieve the best results for you as a creditor.

On this website, you will find all the information and forms that you will need to file your claims. The staff responsible for the pertinent proceedings will be delighted to help you, if you should you have any queries.

Filing for Insolvency Proceedings in Germany

  • We recommend you to first of all acquaint yourself with the procedure for filing claims by watching the short information film.
  • Following this, you can read through the instruction sheets and forms to consolidate the information in the film.
  • Then you file your claim by filling in the download form.

Filing for insolvency proceedings