Ship Operators trying to find Solution for Customers of Glückskäfer Reisen
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Ship Operators trying to find Solution for Customers of Glückskäfer Reisen

18 January 2018 · Berlin · Business Area Insolvency Administration

The insolvent company Glückskäfer Reisen GmbH is required to shut down its business. This was announced yesterday by the provisional insolvency administrator Dr Stephan Thiemann from PLUTA. The ship operators are now trying to find a solution for the customers of Glückskäfer Reisen.

The PLUTA attorney and his team are in close contact with all important partners of the tour operator. In the cruise segment, which includes the majority of the customers affected, the three ship operators concerned are trying to find solutions that should allow customers to go on their booked tours. Besides Norwegian Cruise Line, the ship operators MSC and Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCCL) also intend to go ahead with customers’ trips.

All of the customers that have booked cruises with MSC may contact the company’s hotline at 0800 8239960 (from Germany) or +49 89 203043810 (from outside Germany). Alternatively, customers can call the MSC contact centre at the phone number +49 (0)89 203043801. MSC is also prepared to offer customers alternative transport options to get to the place of departure for their booked tours.

The ship operator Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) has also set up a hotline. The customers of the company’s three brands may request an offer for an alternative option to travel to the starting point. For Royal Caribbean International, the phone number is: 0800 7240345, for Celebrity Cruises: 0800 7240346, and for Azamara Club Cruises: 0800 7240347. Those outside of Germany may call the booking department at +49 69 9200710.

Norwegian Cruise Line has also set up a hotline. Glückskäfer customers may directly contact the ship operator by telephone at 06119 493 3712.

About the company:

Glückskäfer Reisen offers a wide variety of spa and wellness trips as well as bus and air travel tours. Founded in 2014, the company based in Berlin has a workforce of 21 employees and also includes the “meinkapitä” brand specialising in arranging cruises.

PLUTA expert

Dr. Stephan Thiemann

Dr. Stephan Thiemann
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht


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Stephan Gittel

Stephan Gittel

Ute Sambale

Ute Sambale
Betriebswirtin (VWA)

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