PLUTA attorney Christian Heim sells Dankwardt site in Jessenitz
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PLUTA attorney Christian Heim sells Dankwardt site in Jessenitz

5 February 2024 · Hamburg · Business Area Insolvency Administration

Mr Christian Heim from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH managed to sell the property and parts of the machinery at the Dankwardt site in Jessenitz last week. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

The plant in Jessenitz, in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, is owned by the insolvent Rudolf Dankwardt GmbH, which specialised in the production and bottling of cosmetic products. Production is scheduled to be discontinued at the end of March 2024, as there are no longer any orders for this site from April, as has been previously communicated. The Royal Sanders Group from the Netherlands will then take over parts of the machinery and property in Jessenitz in order to establish its own business premises there.

Insolvency administrator Mr Christian Heim already reached a solution for the plant at Dankwardt’s headquarters in Norderstedt last summer. The production and bottling facilities at this plant were sold to an investor as part of an asset deal.

The some 200 employees who currently work at the Jessenitz site have been informed about the latest developments during a staff meeting today. As agreed, they will receive a bonus in addition to their salary for the current process of winding down production.

Good prospects of new jobs for the staff

“The sale that has now been agreed is the best possible solution and can even be considered a success given the difficult situation,” said PLUTA attorney Mr Heim. In addition, it will create new jobs in the region, as the new owner will set up business operations and hire new staff at the location. Mr Heim added, “It is clear from the discussions that the Dankwardt employees have very good prospects and that some 80 of them could find new employment there, which I am really pleased about.”

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