Restructuring expert Sebastian Laboga to join PLUTA
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Restructuring expert Sebastian Laboga to join PLUTA

17 June 2019 · Berlin · Business Area Insolvency Administration

Mr Sebastian Laboga, a renowned insolvency law expert operating throughout Germany, will join the restructuring company PLUTA at the end of the year. Together with his team, he will be active on behalf of PLUTA throughout the Ruhr region as well as at the Berlin branch office in his role as a managing partner. PLUTA is thus further consolidating their market position as part of their expansion strategy.

“I am looking forward to the attorney Mr Sebastian Laboga and his team working for PLUTA in the future. Our company will thus benefit from having additional experts in the area of insolvency administration and restructuring. By taking this important step, we are continuing our growth course in Germany,” said the founder Mr Michael Pluta.

Sebastian Laboga explained: “My offices are an ideal addition to PLUTA’s existing organisation. The talks with Mr Pluta and his partners were from the outset uncomplicated and purposeful. We quickly noticed that we would make a good team. I will be accompanied by the insolvency administrators Frank Brachwitz and Michael Bohnhoff, the restructuring expert Tillman de Vries as well as a number of other employees, who I have been working with on a basis of mutual trust for a long time and who will all now join PLUTA. I look forward to the cooperation with PLUTA.”

Mr. Laboga a is an attorney for general and insolvency law, a tax consultant and a commercial mediator. He is one of Germany’s most frequently appointed insolvency administrators and has extensive experience in the area of debtor-in-possession proceedings. He is a member not only of the German Association of Insolvency Administrators (VID), but also of the Working Group on Insolvency Law of Berlin / Brandenburg and of the Working Group on Insolvency Law of Wustrau. Since 2009, Mr Laboga has been managing partner of the law firm Kübler.

In addition to insolvency administration and legal advice, PLUTA offers companies a comprehensive range of restructuring services. PLUTA is one of the largest insolvency and restructuring companies in Germany. Since PLUTA was founded in 1982, the law firm has been constantly growing and continuously expanding its market position. Currently, the company has a staff of more than 400 people in Germany, Spain and Italy and is a member of the international network BTG Global Advisory with partners on all five continents.

PLUTA expert

Michael Pluta

Michael Pluta
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht, vereidigter Buchprüfer

Sebastian Laboga

Sebastian Laboga
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht, Steuerberater

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