PLUTA restructuring expert Ilkin Bananyarli awarded InsO Excellence certification
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PLUTA restructuring expert Ilkin Bananyarli awarded InsO Excellence certification

15 June 2021 · Stuttgart

Mr Ilkin Bananyarli, a partner of PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH, has been awarded the seal of quality from Gravenbrucher Kreis e.V. (“Gravenbruch Circle”), a German association of insolvency administrators. The restructuring expert, who has already amassed more than 16 years of experience in his field, is now the second PLUTA attorney after Mr Michael Pluta to receive this seal of quality. Only 39 attorneys have been awarded this certification to date.

The auditing process for the InsO Excellence certification covers a broad range of areas. The catalogue of requirements considers, among other things, overall law firm organisation, business continuation, reporting, compliance, data security and the management of insolvency proceedings. Dealings with creditors’ committees and external communication are also evaluated, along with staff management in the entity concerned.

These comprehensive assessment criteria ensure a high level of quality during proceedings, and the certification is due recognition of the work of Mr Bananyarli and his team. Mr Bananyarli said, “I am delighted to have been awarded this seal. It proves that we consistently meet the highest quality standards. For our motivated and reliable team in particular, this is excellent confirmation of our good work.” The certification is reviewed annually by independent auditors.

InsO Excellence is precisely geared to the specific requirements of insolvency administration, insolvency monitoring and restructuring. The award of this seal of quality confirms the certified experts’ commitment to maintain a high level of quality, transparency and reliability in the cases they manage.

Mr Ilkin Bananyarli is an attorney for general law and a specialist attorney for insolvency law. The restructuring expert has many years of experience in restructuring companies and continuing business operations and is regularly appointed insolvency administrator and monitor by local courts in Stuttgart, Esslingen, Ulm, Aalen, Rottweil, Neu-Ulm, Ludwigsburg and Tübingen. Mr Bananyarli is a member of INSOL Europe, the German Bar Association (DAV, Young Attorneys’ Forum) and the German Association of Insolvency Administrators (VID).

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