Vario-Fertigungstechnik GmbH from Chemnitz to continue operating
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Vario-Fertigungstechnik GmbH from Chemnitz to continue operating

3 February 2022 · Chemnitz · Business Area Insolvency Administration

Vario-Fertigungstechnik GmbH from Chemnitz has filed for insolvency. Following this, on 1 February 2022, the Local Court of Chemnitz ordered provisional insolvency proceedings and appointed Dr Stephan Thiemann from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH as provisional administrator.

Mr Steffen Grunwald, managing director of Vario-Fertigungstechnik GmbH, said, “The current situation is not easy – unfortunately, filing for insolvency became inevitable. My team and I will support the provisional insolvency administrator to the best of our abilities.” Those responsible have already informed the 56 employees about the latest developments. Their salaries are guaranteed for a period of three months thanks to specific substitute benefits provided under German insolvency law. The company has had to file for insolvency due to liquidity problems caused by, among other things, the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and very high prices for raw materials such as metal at this time.

“All orders will be fulfilled as planned,” added restructuring expert Dr Thiemann. He explained, “The order books are full and the employees are very knowledgeable and motivated. This gives us a good starting point for the period ahead. We’re now reviewing the financial situation and aim to find a viable solution for the long-standing company.” Attorney Dr Thiemann is being supported in the proceedings by Mr Norman Scheller.

Long-standing custom manufacturer based in Saxony

Vario-Fertigungstechnik GmbH manufactures sophisticated custom workpieces used in all areas of professional mechanical engineering. The highly trained employees specialise in precision manufacturing of large and medium-sized prismatic parts, like machine beds and stands, as well as rotationally symmetrical components such as machine tool main spindles.

The company offers services covering all stages of concept development, the preparation of drafts for new and revised designs, and careful documentation. The business was founded in early November 2004 and has built up significant experience as a parts manufacturer at its site in Saxony, where it has been for many years. Great importance is also attached to promoting young talent, with aspiring specialists being regularly upskilled within the dual training system.

PLUTA expert

Dr. Stephan Thiemann

Dr. Stephan Thiemann
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht

Norman Scheller

Norman Scheller
BA Honours Business and Law

PLUTA press contact

Patrick Sutter
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