PLUTA attorney Sebastian Laboga appointed provisional administrator for PV provider AMIA Energy
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PLUTA attorney Sebastian Laboga appointed provisional administrator for PV provider AMIA Energy

17 May 2024 · Berlin, Germany · Business Area Insolvency Administration

AMIA Energy GmbH filed for insolvency on 8 May 2024. Following this, on the same day, the Local Court of Charlottenburg ordered provisional insolvency administration for the company’s assets and appointed attorney Mr Sebastian Laboga from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH as provisional administrator.

Previously, newly founded in February 2024, AMIA Energy GmbH had taken over the business operations of the insolvent Eigensonne GmbH in April 2024. The 247 Eigensonne GmbH employees were kept on by AMIA Energy GmbH under this arrangement. However, liquidity problems arose immediately after the takeover due to the failure of a financing partner to meet its obligations on time.

Provisional insolvency administrator Mr Sebastian Laboga and his team have spent the past few days in intensive discussions with all stakeholders to ensure the business can continue operating. He can count on the support of staff in this – despite the difficulties of recent months, they are still standing behind the company. Pre-financing of the substitute benefits provided under German insolvency law has now also been secured for the 247 employees.

Attorney Mr Sebastian Laboga said, “The first steps in this process were difficult, as several legal pitfalls had to be overcome in a very short space of time. The company is now in a position to continue operating. Together with the managing director, we are already holding specific discussions with interested parties with regard to a long-term solution for business operations.”

Mr Sebastian Laboga is being supported in the provisional proceedings by attorneys Mr Michael Bohnhoff and Mr Tillman de Vries.

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Sebastian Laboga

Sebastian Laboga
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Michael Bohnhoff

Michael Bohnhoff


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