PLUTA attorney Patrick Meyerle seeks investor for innovative medical technology company MOIO
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PLUTA attorney Patrick Meyerle seeks investor for innovative medical technology company MOIO

8 November 2022 · Nürnberg · Business Area Insolvency Administration

Mr Patrick Meyerle from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH is looking for an investor for start-up MOIO GmbH, which offers digital care solutions. The company, based in Fürth, has been involved in provisional insolvency proceedings since late September 2022, as a planned funding round could not be completed.

The mission of MOIO, which was founded in 2017, is to reduce the burden on caregivers and increase the quality of care for all involved. The company has developed an innovative product, established a structured value chain and receives very good feedback from pilot customers. Thanks to its highly qualified staff and its activity in a growth segment of the care market, MOIO is well positioned to improve care on a sustained basis.

Mr Jürgen Besser, managing director of MOIO GmbH, stated, “This is an optimal opportunity for an investor to take over a young company that can set new standards in the growing care market with its digital care assistant on a national and international scale.”

Initial talks with interested parties have already been held, the aim being to find an investor by December 2022. Attorney Mr Patrick Meyerle, a PLUTA partner, said, “I am confident that we will find an investor who appreciates the full potential of this innovative company with around 20 employees.” The PLUTA team also includes Mr Maximilian Wanko, while the M&A process is being supported by experts Mr Philippe Piscol and Mr Jörg Balz from Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH.

The system – a multiple award-winning solution

MOIO has developed a smart digital care assistant. The core element of the system is a flat, soft and flexible sensor module, which patients wear comfortably and discreetly on their back using special plasters or a belly band. Its sensitive sensors perceive the patient’s movements and interpret them independently. This allows the system to recognise whether a patient has fallen or moved away from a safe area. For bedridden patients, the solution records lying phases and changes of position and can provide information if the patient’s position needs to be changed manually.

In all these cases, the care network concerned is notified via an app so that help can be provided quickly and all involved are kept informed on the situation. This allows the care process to be organised on an ad hoc and individual basis. Moreover, the documentation created in this context may serve as a database for the planning of subsequent care measures. The increase in efficiency associated with this should result in more nursing time being available for patients.

Mr Jürgen Besser stated, “We have been committed to high quality standards in all our activities from the very beginning. The system carries the CE mark and is classified as a medical product.” The solution’s application options are just as diverse as its functions. The digital care assistant can not only be used for inpatient and outpatient care but also for purely private care measures. Whatever its use, the system provides relief and better quality of care, while also improving the patients’ quality of life. “Looking at the ever-increasing deficit in the provision of care, you can see the market opportunities offered by this digital solution. In addition, there is considerable potential in the area of private intra-family care, where caregivers can also benefit from relief through the MOIO solution,” said attorney Mr Meyerle.

The fact that this innovative system has great potential in the care sector is proven, not least by the numerous prizes and awards that MOIO has already received. Only recently, the company received the i-care Award 2022 at the Deutscher Pflegetag nursing congress.

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