PLUTA attorney Ilkin Bananyarli reviews restructuring options for real estate company wohninvest
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PLUTA attorney Ilkin Bananyarli reviews restructuring options for real estate company wohninvest

24 May 2024 · Stuttgart, Germany · Business Area Insolvency Administration

Some of the companies in the wohninvest real estate group based in Fellbach, near Stuttgart, have filed for insolvency. The Local Court of Stuttgart, as the competent court, has appointed attorney Mr Ilkin Bananyarli from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH as provisional insolvency administrator.

Mr Bananyarli gained an initial overview of the current situation today in discussions with management. Business operations will be continued. In parallel, the PLUTA attorney will review the options available for restructuring over the coming weeks. Restructuring expert Mr Bananyarli will also analyse whether and under what conditions the real estate projects can be continued. In addition, he will hold discussions with all parties to the proceedings on the sponsorship activities of the individual companies in the wohninvest Group. He is being supported in the proceedings by Mr Niko Maier.

The some 90 employees in the companies in question were already informed about the situation today. Their salaries are guaranteed for a period of three months thanks to specific substitute benefits provided under German insolvency law.

Attorney Mr Ilkin Bananyarli said, “We will review all options that might allow a positive solution to be achieved for the real estate group. I will hold discussions with all stakeholders about this over the coming days.” As it will take some time to conduct the necessary reviews, it is not possible to provide any further information at this time.

The business activities of the wohninvest Group cover the acquisition, development, management and sale of real estate. Properties include commercial premises, office buildings, hotels, residential complexes and special-purpose facilities. With its team of experts, the group offers business partners and customers tailored solutions all across its portfolio.

wohninvest was advised by Dr Julius Beck and Mr Christoph Simmat from law firm GRUB BRUGGER during the filing process.

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