PLUTA advises C.F. Maier on the acquisition of Jaksche companies in Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina
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PLUTA advises C.F. Maier on the acquisition of Jaksche companies in Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina

26 September 2023 · Ulm/Munich · Business Area Restructuring

A PLUTA M&A team has advised the C.F. Maier Group on the acquisition of Jaksche Kunststofftechnik GmbH, based in St. Andrä in Austria, and Jaksche Technology d.o.o., an affiliated production facility in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The business has been transferred as part of a share deal with retroactive effect from 1 January 2023.

The C.F. Maier Group has expanded its product portfolio with this acquisition. Jaksche produces a wide range of products at its site in Bosnia-Herzegovina and has extensive technological know-how with respect to a variety of applications, such as radiator flaps, engine bonnets, vehicle trims and seat and roof shells.

Jaksche Technology d.o.o. is very well positioned and is operating profitably. To settle the succession issue at an early stage, the company was looking for an investor for the plant in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its current managing director, Mr Franz Jaksche, will remain on board in a leadership role.

Expert in plastic components

The family-run C.F. Maier Group, which comprises companies in Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Tunisia and the US, produces components and systems made of plastic. The group has 60 years of experience in the production of components and systems made of fibre-reinforced plastic for coaches and city buses as well as for commercial and special vehicles. C.F. Maier also manufactures pop-up roofs, high roofs and products for the motorhome industry under the SCA brand. For the environmental sector, the company offers cover systems for water and wastewater management and recyclable material containers, among other things. In addition, it manufactures housing parts for the optical industry and the medical, chemical and apparatus engineering sectors.

Mr Markus Maier, shareholder and chairman of the board of directors, said, “This acquisition is in line with our growth plans, which are based on the high demand for plastic parts and our strong market position. The M&A process was excellently structured and the PLUTA team supported us in all key financial and business matters.” Mr Maximilian Maier, CEO of the C.F. Maier Group, said, “With this investment, we can expand both our customer base and our product portfolio. Given its proximity to the EU border, the plant’s geographical position is very attractive and will allow us to achieve cost advantages. This will also strengthen our existing sites.”

Comprehensive advice for the buyer

PLUTA has been expanding its M&A transaction business for some time now. For this transaction, its experts provided support by preparing a financial due diligence review, determining the purchase price and drafting the purchase agreement. The PLUTA team includes business management experts Mr Marcus Katholing and Mr Ludwig Stern, Master of Laws Ms Laura Holzmannstetter and attorney Dr Maximilian Pluta.

PLUTA expert Mr Marcus Katholing said, “We analysed and valued the company and succeeded in realising a purchase price that is fair for both parties. This transaction shows that PLUTA has the right expertise, including for transnational, conventional M&A processes.”

The C.F. Maier Group is a family-run industrial company based in Königsbronn, Germany, with a history that stretches back almost 100 years. It specialises in the production of components and systems made of fibre-reinforced plastic. The group has a workforce of roughly 1,000 people in total at locations in Germany, the US, Hungary, Turkey and Tunisia and now also Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

PLUTA expert

Marcus Katholing

Marcus Katholing
Diplom-Betriebswirt, Bankkaufmann

Ludwig Stern

Ludwig Stern


Laura Holzmannstetter
Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Dr. Maximilian Pluta

Dr. Maximilian Pluta
Rechtsanwalt, Diplom-Kaufmann, Steuerberater

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Patrick Sutter
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