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Lidl snaps up insolvent German tour operator · 12 December 2017

The magazine reports about the Achievement of PLUTA Expert Dr Thiemann who found the ideal solution for JT Touristik.


JT Touristik packages guaranteed until end-December · 18 October 2017

The magazine reports that PLUTA Expert Dr Thiemann guarantees all JT Touristik trips until the year ends.


GRR 100 - 1st Edition · 22 June 2017

After extensive research, Global Restructuring Review published an inaugural GRR 100, an annual guide to approved law firms for cross-border restructuring and insolvency matters around the world. PLUTA is listed in this guide. GRR writes: The outward-looking German insolvency specialists continue to dominate the domestic market with a steady stream of court appointments. Pluta, which developed a stranglehold on the German restructuring market through gradual absorption of smaller firms, has recently turned its expertise in the German market to cross-border work.


Pluta Continues Expansion by Adding Two Firms · 7 March 2017

The international magazine reports that PLUTA continues to grow, adding Bremen and Beck at the beginning of 2017, further consolidating its market position across Germany.


International debt restructuring: can other jurisdictions compete with London and New York? · 1 March 2017

GRR invited 10 cross-border insolvency practitioners in London. The only German roundtable participant was Ivo-Meinert Willrodt, a partner at PLUTA in Munich. He argued that it will be very difficult for the UK to continue „marketing“ its schemes to Europe in light of the recognition issues accompanying Brexit. Willrodt also pointed to a new business insolvency directive proposed by the EU, which would introduce harmonised restructuring rules including pre-insolvency procedures all around Europe. He also explained the situation in Germany. Some German companies have changed their COMI to take advantage of different domestic courts.


Germany amends insolvency rules following Lehman “netting” decision · 5 January 2017

The German parliament has passed an amendment to its insolvency code, providing clarity on the status of “netting” arrangements in financial transactions.


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ACS Imtech buys more than 20 million

Business Monkey News · 9 August 2017

The business news wire reports that MASA, a subsidiary of ACS, bought the productive unit of Imtech. Imtech had been in bankruptcy protection since January. Almost 900 jobs are saved now.