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Wolfgang Bernhardt


Mr. Bernhardt is a business graduate and lawyer. Before joining PLUTA, he worked as a managing director in the private sector.

At PLUTA, Mr. Bernhardt is primarily responsible for the management of forward-looking insolvency and reorganization proceedings, as well as responsible general representative of the companies concerned.

He has already successfully implemented numerous insolvency plan procedures and transferring reorganizations. Among the companies restructured by Mr. Bernhardt are listed corporations as well as companies of the industrial and service industry.

Rechtsanwalt, Diplom-Kaufmann

Insolvency Administrator

+49 89 858963-3


Career levels

Practice Areas

  • Consulting with reference to insolvency law
  • Trustee

Languages for negotiations

German, English, French

Important References

  • SHW Gruppe (foundry)
  • BGP Immo-West S.a.r.l. & Co. KG (real estate fund)
  • CineMedia AG (listed corporation, media industry)
  • Feinpappenwerk Gebr. Schuster GmbH & Co. KG (paper industry, insolvency plan)
  • F.X. Mittermaier & Söhne GmbH & Co KG (battery factory, insolvency plan)

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