PLUTA expert Frank Mößle appointed provisional administrator for AWO Protect
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PLUTA expert Frank Mößle appointed provisional administrator for AWO Protect

19 February 2020 · Business Area Insolvency Administration

By an order issued on 18 February 2020, the Local Court of Frankfurt am Main has appointed Mr Frank Mößle from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH as provisional insolvency administrator for AWO Protect gGmbH. The company had to file for insolvency in early February 2020. The managing director had already suspended business operations and terminated the contracts of all six remaining employees effective 29 February and 31 March 2020. Filing for insolvency became inevitable for the company due to liquidity problems, as the security firm had no further orders.

Mr Frank Mößle from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH explained, “The business has ceased trading and we will not be resuming operations. It is not easy to examine the situation, as many documents are currently unavailable. Therefore, it is going to take several weeks to gain the comprehensive overview that I need in order to deal with this matter.”

Auditor Mr Mößle has already been engaging in constructive discussions with the managing director since yesterday. The provisional insolvency administrator will gain an overview of the company’s financial situation over the weeks ahead. In order to obtain full access to all documents, he will work with the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, which has seized countless papers of AWO Protect and others in the course of an investigation launched against senior executives of the Frankfurt chapter of the AWO workers’ welfare association.

AWO Protect gGmbH was established in 2017 to organise the protection of two refugee accommodation centres in Frankfurt. It was founded as a not-for-profit limited liability company and is a subsidiary of AWO Kreisverband Frankfurt am Main e.V., an association that has been making the headlines recently. The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt is investigating senior executives of the association’s local chapter on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement.

Mr Frank Mößle was the insolvency administrator for the well-known Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and is currently involved in proceedings in respect of fintech company ayondo, among others. He is a business management expert, tax consultant and auditor, and one of the managing directors of PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH. He also heads up the law firm’s Frankfurt, Mainz and Koblenz branch offices.

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