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Dr. Karl-Friedrich Gulbins

Dr. Karl-Friedrich Gulbins

Dr Karl-Friedrich Gulbins is head of the labour law department at PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH. Since 2009, he has advised many companies of all sizes with restructuring and reorganisation matters as well as insolvency.

He specialises in negotiations with business partners and trade unions. His focus is on the collective support and reconciliation of interests, lay-offs and restructuring agreements, and individual cases before the labour law courts. Transaction-related labour law and the issues associated with ownership transfer per §613a of the Civil Code. Dr Gulbins advises in all areas of individual and collective employment law, including the special features of executive employees and representative bodies.

Rechtsanwalt, LL. M. (UoL)

+49 711 769688-0


Career levels

Practice Areas

  • Labour law support for company restructuring, in particular negotiations with business partners and trade unions
  • Reconciliation of interests and social planning procedures as well as restructuring agreements
  • Transaction-related labour law
  • Individual labour law

Languages for negotiations

German, English

Important References

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  • CinePostproduction GmbH (media)
  • Erdl Druck Medienhaus GmbH (media)
  • Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH (toys)
  • Hans Rüster GmbH & Co. KG (metal)
  • Johannes Keller Bau GmbH + Co. KG (construction industry)
  • KOL Klinikum Osnabrücker Land GmbH (clinics)
  • Metallbearbeitung Automotive Ahlen GmbH (automotive supplier)
  • Metallgießerei Scheeff GmbH (metal)
  • nicko cruises GmbH (travel)
  • OKU GmbH (metal)
  • Pampolina Europe GmbH & Co. KG (fashion)
  • Reinhold Meister GmbH (building industry)
  • Strenesse AG (fashion)
  • WISSMACH Modefilialen GmbH (fashion)

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