Law firm MEYER Rechtsanwälte Insolvenzverwalter to merge with PLUTA
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Law firm MEYER Rechtsanwälte Insolvenzverwalter to merge with PLUTA

1 April 2016 · Ulm/Lübbecke

MEYER Rechtsanwälte Insolvenzverwalter will merge with PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH with effect from 1 April 2016. The law firm has a staff of 33 employees at six branch offices in Berlin, Hanover, Lübbecke, Münster, Osnabrück and Paderborn.

This means that PLUTA will continue its growth course and further consolidate its position in Germany. PLUTA now has 39 national branch offices and more than 380 employees, making it one of the largest insolvency and restructuring companies in Germany. In addition, PLUTA has branch offices in Italy, Spain as well as Poland and is a member of the international network BTG Global Advisory.

At PLUTA, Mr Stefan Meyer, who founded and built up the law firm of the same name, will continue to be responsible for the regions that he previously operated in together with his team and will in addition be managing director and partner of PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH. The 49-year-old attorney for insolvency law and restructuring expert has many years of experience in restructuring companies and is regularly appointed as an insolvency administrator and insolvency monitor in the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Berlin and Brandenburg. Following his formal training course in banking, he completed his studies of law and economics in Bayreuth.

“We look forward to working together in future and completing the tasks ahead. PLUTA’s broad market position consisting of the three core areas restructuring, insolvency administration and legal advice offers the best prerequisites for success in the coming years even against the backdrop of a greatly changing market situation. In addition to Germany-wide positioning, PLUTA’s international orientation is extremely interesting and provides good potential for future growth. We are now very well positioned to complete the imminent tasks in the coming years,” explained Stefan Meyer.

Founder, managing director and partner Mr Michael Pluta said, “PLUTA’s staff have been strengthened by the addition of Stefan Meyer and his team, who are well-known restructuring and insolvency law experts and have outstanding knowledge of law and business management, a fact that they have proved time and time again in the past. We will in future continue our successful growth course. Our business orientation is also preparing us for out-of-court restructuring proceedings endorsed by European law.”

Seven attorneys, tax consultants and business experts strengthen PLUTA

Mr Meyer, together with his colleague and business partner Dr Ria Brüninghoff, who has been active as an attorney since 2006, will be in charge of the new PLUTA branch offices in Lübbecke, Osnabrück and Paderborn. Dr Brüninghoff is 36 years old and specialises in insolvency administration as well as in providing advice on restructuring programmes. She is regularly appointed as an insolvency administrator and trustee by the Local Court of Münster. Stefan Meyer and Dr Ria Brüninghoff, together with Marc Daniel Schulz and Dr Stephan Thiemann, will be responsible for the Münster branches, the premises of which will now be combined under one roof as quickly as possible. Moreover, Stefan Meyer will be responsible for the PLUTA offices in Herford, Bielefeld and Essen, which he will direct together with his colleagues Frank Schorisch (Bielefeld/Herford) and Marc Daniel Schulz (Essen).

In addition to Mr Stefan Meyer and Dr Ria Brüninghoff, the PLUTA team will be strengthened by Christoph Chrobok (attorney), Martin Klee (tax consultant and graduate of Business Management), Nadja Neuber (attorney and graduate of Business Management), Dr Andreas R J Schnee-Gronauer (attorney and graduate of Economics) and the attorney Marc Selker LL M as well as all members of staff who have previously proven their worth.

In recent years, the law firm MEYER has supervised many major proceedings. In 2015, Mr Meyer was the insolvency monitor for the Wellemöbel Group, a leading furniture manufacturer with a staff of more than 900 employees, the three main companies of which went through a restructuring process as part of debtor-in-possession proceedings and insolvency plans. He also acted as the insolvency monitor for SKOL Service Klinikum Osnabrücker Land GmbH. Furthermore, Mr Meyer was the insolvency administrator for three companies in the SH+E Group, a large plant engineering company in Germany with a staff of approximately 700 employees. Moreover, he managed the insolvency proceedings for the MAG Metz Group, a car dealer with more than 1,200 employees at over 50 branches (various forms of restructuring by way of an asset transfer) and for Liberty Damenmoden GmbH, a retailing company with over 100 branches and more than 500 employees in Germany and Austria (restructuring by means of an insolvency plan).

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