Ivo-Meinert Willrodt joining PLUTA Management
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Ivo-Meinert Willrodt joining PLUTA Management

16 January 2018 · Munich

Mr Ivo-Meinert Willrodt has joined the management team of PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH and, in this new role, is responsible for the branch offices in Munich, Hallbergmoos, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Regensburg and Bayreuth with immediate effect.

“I am very happy that the company has so much confidence in my work, not only in the past, but also in my future position as a managing director at PLUTA,” said Ivo-Meinert Willrodt. The restructuring expert has been working for PLUTA for more than 15 years and has already handled more than 250 corporate bankruptcy cases. He has been regularly appointed as an insolvency administrator by several courts in Germany. Besides corporate restructuring in Germany, he also deals with insolvency proceedings and restructuring projects on an international scale. In this context, he coordinates PLUTA’s activities as a member of the international network BTG Global Advisory.

The managing director Dr Martin Prager commented: “Thanks to his experience in international projects, Ivo-Meinert Willrodt fits perfectly into the board of PLUTA. Together with his team, he succeeded in completing a great number of proceedings in the past.”

Mr Stephan Ammann, who had managed the six Bavarian PLUTA branch offices as a member of the board since 2012, will continue to take on new proceedings, especially as the chief restructuring officer (CRO) in debtor-in-possession cases or as a monitor or administrator in various insolvency proceedings.

PLUTA expert

Ivo-Meinert Willrodt

Ivo-Meinert Willrodt
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht, Fachanwalt für Insolvenzrecht, Executive M.B.A.-HSG

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