The insolvency administrator Holger Ch. Buehler finds investor for the truckstop in Himmelkron
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The insolvency administrator Holger Ch. Buehler finds investor for the truckstop in Himmelkron

26 May 2015 · Bayreuth · Business Area Insolvency Administration

  • Euro Rastpark GmbH & Co. KG acquires hereditary building right and property
  • Successful overall solution found

Bayreuth, Germany, 22 May 2015. The insolvency administrator Holger Ch. Buehler from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH has succeeded in finding a solution for the insolvent truckstop in Himmelkron. Long negotiations with prospective buyers had previously been conducted. Euro Rastpark GmbH & Co. KG from Regensburg has acquired both the hereditary building right and the property. This means that land and building will in future be in one pair of hands. The insolvency administrator was in a position to conduct sales negotiations not only on the hereditary building right, but also on the corresponding part of the real estate property. The plot of land covering a total of 42,000 square metres previously belonged to the Lanzendorf Evangelical Lutheran Trust Fund. In other words, Buehler succeeded in finding an overall solution, which goes well beyond the framework of the insolvency proceedings. The parties have agreed to maintain silence on the purchase prices.

The owner of the hereditary building right was the insolvent company Autobahngalerie Himmelkron KG, which had previously operated the truckstop with petrol station at the exit to Himmelkron on the A9 motorway.

“If you consider the complicated proceedings, then with this new investor we have managed to find a very good overall solution for all the parties concerned. This means that the truckstop, which is an important hub for the region of Upper Franconia, now has a secure future,” Holger Ch. Buehler explained.

Autobahngalerie Himmelkron KG had to declare bankruptcy in 2013. The Local Court of Bayreuth appointed Holger Ch. Buehler as the insolvency administrator.

The process of finding an investor for the neighbouring Galerie Hotel, which is the subject of separate insolvency proceedings, is still on-going. Buehler is confident that he will also find an investor for this property so that the future existence and business operations of the hotel will also be ensured.

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