Restructuring expert Mirko Möllen sells EUROPATENT
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Restructuring expert Mirko Möllen sells EUROPATENT

5 May 2015 · Munich · Business Area Restructuring

  • Plans to expand business operations further
  • Seamless transition for customers

Munich, Germany, 4 May 2015. Insolvency administrator Mirko Möllen from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH has sold the assets of the company EUROPATENT Gesellschaft für europäischen Patentdienst GmbH & Co. OHG to the newly created EUROPATENT GmbH with effect from 1 May 2015. This means that the company’s name will be kept. Owner of EUROPATENT GmbH is the Munich-based AdAstra Group. The company’s buyer considers itself to be an enterprise-oriented investor and partner for increasing a company’s potential for value creation, particularly in the area of IT products and IT-supported services, and for many years has also been well known in this industrial sector for this very reason.

All the remaining jobs at the EUROPATENT headquarters in Berg on Lake Starnberg have been saved. Moreover, AdAstra is already planning to expand the product and services portfolio in the near future. This should therefore involve extending research technologies, including the capability to structure patent monitoring in an enterprise-friendly way in future so that individual departments, for example, will be able to research and monitor precisely those patents that are of some relevance to them.

“Several companies were interested in buying the assets during the bidding process. But finally the contract was awarded to AdAstra, which had made the best offer. I am delighted to say that we can ensure a smooth transition for the customers. They will keep their contact persons and benefit from the services offered without any compromises,” said Mr. Möllen, the restructuring expert.

Ulrich Clemm, founder and managing partner of AdAstra, added: “With EUROPATENT, we are pursuing a long-term strategy. By broadening the range of services, we can help EUROPATENT to achieve a broader market presence, which will make the company even more competitive.”

The Local Court of Weilheim appointed Mirko Möllen as the insolvency administrator at the beginning of August 2014. Since then, he has successfully continued business operations at all times. The proceedings are due to be completed in the coming year. Current circumstances suggest that creditors may well expect a recovery rate in the relatively high double-digit range.

EUROPATENT has been an expert in the area of commercial legal protection for 60 years. The many years of experience ensured services of the highest quality. Large numbers of customers in the industrial and legal sectors benefited from EUROPATENT’s expertise.

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