Business Operations of the Schweinfurt Printing Company Weppert will be continued
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Business Operations of the Schweinfurt Printing Company Weppert will be continued

7 July 2017 · Schweinfurt/Wuerzburg · Business Area Insolvency Administration

Following the decision taken on 7 July 2017, the Local Court of Schweinfurt appointed the restructuring expert Mr Peter Roeger from PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH as the provisional insolvency administrator for the printing company Druckhaus Weppert Schweinfurt GmbH.

The restructuring expert said: “Business operations will be continued without any interruptions. Existing orders and all the new orders will be processed and delivered on time. Customers can rely on this.”

Druckhaus Weppert Schweinfurt filed for insolvency following the unexpected loss of a major customer at short notice. Unfortunately, the printing company was not able to compensate for such a loss immediately. Managing Director Norbert Hettrich said: “We will do everything we can to overcome this difficult phase. We will give the provisional insolvency administrator the best possible support so that our printing company can once more be successful.”

Druckhaus Weppert Schweinfurt GmbH offers a comprehensive range of services for print products. Their services range from mass production of high quality, premium print products using offset and digital printing to highly individualised product solutions. The long-established company works with several cooperation partners such as the online printing portal and the web-to-print portal VIP PRINT. However, the insolvency application only applies to Druckhaus Weppert Schweinfurt GmbH.

The company has a workforce of approximately 150 employees. The staff were informed about the current situation at a meeting. Employee salaries are secured thanks to so-called substitute benefits. In the coming weeks, the administrator will implement a restructuring programme. His goal is to save the jobs. The PLUTA team also includes the attorney Mr Patrick Meyerle.

The company and the insolvency administrator will be supported by the corporate developer and restructuring manager Mr Markus Urrutia from the business consultancy CONSABIS, which is based in Lohr am Main. The expert explained: “The competitive pressure in this sector is still very intense. The printing company is very well positioned and prepared for the future. The processes in the company are tried and tested, but even a well-managed enterprise cannot withstand an unforeseen slump in revenues. This means that the prerequisites for finding a way of continuing business operations on a sustained basis are extremely good. Business success will hinge on new, profitable sales revenues.”

About Druckhaus Weppert Schweinfurt

Druckhaus Weppert Schweinfurt GmbH, a family business with three facilities in Schweinfurt, has become a successful enterprise in the printing industry since it was founded in 1839. Following the takeover by Norbert Hettrich in 2004, the company grew from 20 to 150 employees under his leadership. Modern machines, competitive processes and an optimum cost position are characteristic of the company today. At present, the company is focusing on a balanced mixture of online printing and conventional print orders. The company’s success is also based on an intensive collaboration with market leaders in Internet business.

PLUTA expert

Peter Roeger

Peter Roeger
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Insolvenzrecht, Wirtschaftsjurist

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Patrick Sutter
relatio PR

+49 89 210 257-22

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