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Sarah Reinhold

Sarah Reinhold

Ms. Sarah Reinhold is a qualified business lawyer and primarily deals with insolvency issues specific to labour law and company law at PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH. As a corporate insolvency consultant, Ms. Reinhold focuses on turning around companies undergoing a crisis, on asserting debtors’ claims against third parties efficiently and on avoiding or solving employer-employee conflicts in the wake of such crises. She has played a responsible part in successfully restructuring companies in different size categories as well as in different sectors – not only in Germany, but also in an international context.

When she has to solve the challenging insolvency issues of the clients, Ms. Reinhold can also fall back on her additional qualifications in the fields of drafting contracts, procedural law, criminal law and business mediation.

Wirtschaftsjuristin (LL.B.)


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Practice Areas

  • Insolvency proceedings that focus on labour law

Languages for negotiations

German, English

Career levels Sarah Reinhold


PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH

2011 - 2015

German and European business law, University of Siegen

2008 - 2015

Law firm Steinacker Creutzfeldt, Koblenz